Export Advanced


The export upper level package will help you to increase your efficiency in global trade and will strengthen the base of your existence and provide you to increase profitability rates. You won’t have nearly unsolved problem and need.
It includes: forming company-brand-product-service language and personality, placing against opponents and developing communication skills, forming close contact by making mail marketing with themes having high efficiency, having product-service-brand pdf presentations in three different themes, being effective in taking position in the process by taking detailed reporting of the interaction, showing in which market your planned product or service is demanded, selection of marketing channels and preparation of detailed list with process strategies and advertisement public relations content, legal arrangements and requirements, opponent information, opponent information providing to take action against opponents in the potential markets, information about product or services of opponents, preparation of analysis by listing local retailer and wholesaler, regional and global cargo information which will make your delivery processes healthier.


Appropriate for all sectors

  • Brand-Product-Service Language
  • Placing against Opponents
  • Search Service in the Buyer Language
  • Mail Marketing Support
  • Product-Service Pdf Catalogue
  • Developed Interaction Catalogue
  • Product-Service Market Research
  • Advertisement-Public Relations Content
  • Global Market Opponent Information
  • Opponent-Product Service Information
  • Retail-Wholesale Information
  • Regional Global Delivery Analysis
  • Analysis of Market Channels
  • Summary Report Content
  • Legal Arrangements-Requirements
  • BONUS! Potential Customer Contact Data
  • BONUS! Information Summary Reporting

With the support of searching potential buyers in their own language you can learn the questions or expectations of buyer or gather necessary information for starting you trade. Due to negotiation reports you can gather together permanent data and take action by turning back whenever you want.

By forming brand-company-product service language you can reflect your consistency and stability and form the trust of buyer on strong basis and will benefit from it in the next trades.

Due to potential customer contact data, the process of showing your existence in global trade by reaching the mass which can acquire your product or service speeds up and you have the chance to increase your success.

If you have problems in summarizing information within the service or determining action steps, you will progress easier due to information summary reports.

Due to multi interaction formed with mail marketing support, you will enlarge your marketing channels and will progress faster in global trade and will have the opportunity to increase your situation.

Due to the professional product-service-brand-company pdf catalogue you will have the chance to tell yourself better and develop trust and fidelity perception by forming a corporate image.

Data as a result of product-service market research will provide you to see in which markets you will gain attention, determine strategies you have to for entering the market, make price competition- cost analysis and take action in global trade according to regions.

Determining the market channels provides you to determine marketing strategies and so you get shaped flexible and continue uninterrupted trade.

Advertisement – public relations content includes the methods you have to follow and apply with people you get into contact when starting activities in the market.

Legal arrangements and requirements report provide you to meet all pre-determined rules before all steps of global trade and not to face any problem except the expected period.

Due to reports acquired in global trade, the global market information with which you reach your current opponents in the market and their activity information will determine your position.

With the opponent product service information reports, you will strengthen trade in targeted markets and will proceed by making necessary developments in product and services.

Due to regional and global cargo information, you can minimize delivery process depreciation reinforce trust by speeding up the process.

Due to local retailer and wholesaler information you can reach a bigger mass interested in your product or service and can proceed by developing yourself.

- Customer Comment

With the search services and mail marketing services we took with the export advanced level package and mail marketing services, there is a serious increase in our communication and agreement rate with potential buyers. The feedbacks we got for mail marketing contents re planned according to details in the search reports were more pleasant. Thank you!

Harun Y.Founder

  • Ocak 20, 2017