What our clients say about us

Wellones Global Trade has formed for us thousands of potential buyer data in nearly ten different regions as a result of researches and analysis realized for us. Even at the beginning we tried to communicate, we have benefited from mail marketing and buyer search services offered by the team and acquired successful results. Thank you!

Yalçın M.Founder

The team making market analysis for 50 different products we produce have produced a strategy for entering America region with 13 different products of the Europe and UK region with 18 different products. By making trust cooperation agreement they undertake process and marketing management and realized many successes. Thank You Wellones!

İlhan E.Investor

Before working with Wellones, we couldn’t develop ourselves by making under capacity production.
We have provided that our machines work in full capacity and shift by communicating with buyer
contacts and data, we were both in global trade and increased the efficiency of our atelier. Thank

Yağmur K.Manufactuer

After our own efforts and some unsuccessful trials, we were included in this package. We had idea about how to be more effective and collected the fruits immediately. Now we try to complete our works in order to be included into Trust-Cooperation process and be ready. Thank You!

Semih T.Marketing Manager

When we started to work with export starting package, we acquired many facts but we didn’t know from where to start and how to proceed. This was why we postponed our steps and were hopeless. By increasing our package, we can stay in contact with our potential buyers. Thank You!

Meltem D.Manager

With the search services and mail marketing services we took with the export advanced level package and mail marketing services, there is a serious increase in our communication and agreement rate with potential buyers. The feedbacks we got for mail marketing contents re planned according to details in the search reports were more pleasant.

Harun Y.Founder

Even we formed Continous communication with potential buyers during export process we couldn’t form an order about trust and consistency. Even we were a 80 years old company, customers questioned us due to our web page and pdf contents and we were insufficient in their eyes. Due to our service we took; we are successful in proving ourselves with the page which reflects that we are a rooted company.

Baki K.Founder Partner

With the supplier finding service, all producers and suppliers can be reached in one single time and can determine faster how to proceed with analyzed researches. Our profitability has increased by 12 – 20%. Thank You!

John S.CEO & Founder

Our clinic was senior in the sector with current devices and staff structure. But our activity chart was at standard level and we looked for foreign customers. Due to this package we formed strong connections and increased our intensity and also enlarged our clinic.

Mehtap G.Founder